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I am such crap at keeping active on the internet these days, so I write journals every now and then here to make myself feel better about it :P I'm not lying, go look back at the past ones. It's pure grovel. No wait, don't do would be a huge waste of time and i'm probably lying..

Hello! :wave:

Let me start this over..I mostly just wanted to say how spankin' cool it was that Moonbeam13 has selected me to be a part of the BT & Thomas Dolby Tour that's going around the States right now. Some of my things will be at the Texas venues! So if you're in Austin, Houston or BigD, come and check it out..and laugh with everyone else when the crappy images are splashed along with some kick-ass electronica tunes :D

This place really is such a great hub and outlet for people seeking inspiration, and those who have it to give. It has been doing it in the past and still goes strong today.. cheers to deviantart!

I hope you're still staying happy and passionate since we last spoke. You know who you are damnit!! :ninja:

Did I mention how great it is to be in love? I didn't. Sorry ;)

<really leaving now>
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Man.. MAN!@

You guys are all just way too damn cool, you know that? :) Thanks for all the forms of feedback's makes me smile sitting here knowing others are having an effect from something I simply love doing.

Anyway, by contrast I fucking hate being on the computer any longer than I have to when I get off work (don't get me wrong, love the job and working in design but since I'm on one all day long..) so my process/time for now just consists of putting myself out there, capturing/making things, and bringing them here and at my site for people to view. Not so much time for this place as there used to be. Sort of a one way street for now I guess..

So there that is, heh :P If there's something you feel the need to say I guess just speak it in the journal and I will reply here (would disable comments on the dev's, but people should be able to post their thoughts wherever the hell they want to..heh). I'm at a stage where i'm happy with my finished product, and not that it couldn't be improved on, but I want to try and stick with my gut on these things for the time being.

But yea - Stay happy! Keep doing your own things and whatever it is that inspires you as much as you can! :D

(and the beat goes on) :peace:
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Going to keep this journal up for a while, and continually update it with photography sites outside of devart that I think are worth a visit. Please feel free to comment with any links you may know of so others may see them..

Also, please, PLEASE check out the psd file i've uploaded here before you ask any questions about something in the gallery here or on my site. If you take some time to look at it and what i've done it will hopefully answer most of your questions I think! While the process is different for every's generally just a bunch of different adjustment layers in Photoshop CS2 (color balance, gradient map, levels, etc) with some dodging/burning applied until it feels 'right' for me. Results are merely a matter of aesthetic fine tuning. We all have to figure out for ourselves what we think looks best in the end, and cannot be told things like that.. :)

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Heh, ok maybe not so much of any REAL nudity..but I do have a few important things I wanted to mention! ;)

// Defrag Magazine //

There will be 11 photos and a bio for the feature, which comes out in a few weeks. All my thanks go to those crazy cool people in Italy who contacted me! I know there are a few Italians here so if you happen to see it let me know what you think! It's not published here in the states, but it does come out all across Europe.

Looking forward to nice, quiet holidays this year. Last year was wild and didn't see too much of the fam..this year should be the opposite. After that though I hope to be somewhere new again..not sure where, but I know if I don't go I will end up regretting it. I've come to realize I am a Gypsy at heart..or at least until I find somewhere worth staying! heh..

Enough about me, me, bleh fucking me though! I feel compelled to give proper respect to the following people here at devart. They have either been good friends, encouraged me by their thoughtful words, created inspirational work, or all of the above! Some you may know, others you may not. All of whom, however, I would love to be able to meet some day.. if only to just sit down and chat with for a few and get to know 'em a little better..

:iconlesliee: LeslieE - Hawaii
:iconlanceusa: LanceUSA - Houston
:iconiamkatia: iamkatia - Seattle
:iconaquiel: Aquiel - Australia
:iconflaery: flaery - Maryland
:iconeggwacker: eggwacker - Los Angeles
:iconninjakittykat: ninjakittykat - Arizona
:icongilad: gilad - Israel
:iconzerocomplex: zerocomplex - Indiana
:iconlamim: lamim - Istanbul
:iconkil1k: kil1k - France
:iconprecurser: precurser - California
:iconseanfl: seanfl - Seattle
:iconx-horizon: x-horizon - Switzerland
:icondjoel: djoel - UK

So go check them out for sure! They are all incredibly cool people with something unique to offer..

Anyway for now, :peace: & :heart: ! Enjoy them holidays (if you celebrate)..i've found it's one of the few times during the year where people are generally a bit more honest, respectful, generous..and well, they just smile more :)
..wasn't going to do all this tagging crap, but LeslieE got me a while back and now I thought what the hell, right? i'm always way behind the trends anyway so here we go :P

1) Love to live somewhere within earshot of railroad I can hear  the trains horn (reminds me of where I was born in Indiana, lots o'trains pass through there!)

2) I've had the same facial hair/beard thing since I was 18 (give or take a few months of having it shaved off :P )

3) For the most part i'm more comfortable and would rather be around animals than most people.

4) I've been complimented on how beautiful my hands by girls no less then 4 times (they are girly hands no doubt, but I know how to use them ;) )

5) I started having lucid dreams about a year and a half ago, but have always been in touch with that subconscious side. One of my first memories is of a dream.

6) I remember at least one dream almost every single night (sometimes it comes to me later during the day when something reminds me of it, but usually I always wake from a dream each morning..heh)

7) I have an uncle that has been making cave type living spaces and shrines out of sandstone in New Mexico since he was in his 20's. (here is one of the commercial ones you can actually stay at:… ..he has created over 14 caves)

8) Think that more people should be a bit more introspective and spiritual, but definitely not religious. :stab:

9) Still drink milk regularly. I go through nearly a gallon every 3-4 days heh.

10) Taught myself to cut my own hair with trimmers, guards, etc. when I was 17 and have cut my own hair ever since (it saves you alot of money man!)

11) Totally failed at college. Multiple times. I learn best on my own or from people I know and respect.

12) Plans to start a new society some day (some may call this a cult lol), based on some ideas from the book Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. (hah, I'm only half joking :D )

13) Creative, artistic, independent qualities automatically add HUGE points to the sex appeal of a girl to me :)

14) I loves me some breakfast food (always in the mood for french toast, bacon, eggs, hash browns, cup of black coffee :drool: ), but not *at breakfast.

15) Often known to regularly procrastionate, cut corners and skip things..

17) Has an obsession with drug-cinema (Trainspotting, Fear&Loathing, etc.) flicks.

18) Really, really digs The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but haven't owned a TV for over 2 years now. I do enjoy talk radio though and books though (i'm a :nerd: what can I say!)

19) I enjoy my alone time, but I really miss not having someone to come home to :lonely:

20) Love the cold weather and snow. Fall leading into winter is my favorite time of the year (as long as it's not too bitter cold the entire time)

Anyway, I would tag someone else..but I'm pretty sure everyone else has already done this, heh. You can use me though if you want an excuse to participate in the madness! :P

// edit //

Also..not that I ever get way too many comments or anything, but I won't really be responding to all of them as much for a while. Something I read by LanceUSA made me agree with him..I just feel like submiting things here, and if people like it - that's great..if not, same thing. One can get too involved, addicted and ultimately feel obligated to this deviantart thing (as good as it is!). But yea I really apprieceate reading all your thoughts though and will respond to any questions, notes or *highly witty and/or comical comments you may give me ;P :thumbsup:

I was thinking about DeviantArt as a whole community recently, and wanted to share some thoughts I had about this place.

I've been here off and on for over 4 years now. Why do I come back? What is it about this place that it continually has  something to offer me? Have you ever asked yourself that?

I think the best explanation beyond the simple one (a mass of stellar creative content) is pretty simple really.

We are all start off equal. 100 percent.

What I mean is..we all start out here with a blank slate. None of us has a face or name (well aside from the label of our screen name) or opinion or artwork known to others until we start posting our first comments, images and writings. It's almost comparative to a new births of sorts when you start out here. You arrive with neither your real life past to help nor any sort of limits to who you can be. I don't care how much money you have, how good you look, or how smart you are. You could be Bill Gates sitting down to create your own name / space here, but you would be regarded ONLY on further participation, merit of  comments, depth of work, etc. A near infinite possibility ahead of you, without the past established rules and resources of the society you live in (whatever it may be) that you must adhere to.

It's also as if two very fundamental aspects of our humanity act as cornerstones to this place. Creative Talent being one.. and while being more prominent in SOME, is most often LEARNED. I don't want to hear any debates or arguments that someone else is more talented and therefore more 'lucky' to receive attention, feedback, etc. If he or she has received it here of all places, then it is the direct result of the latter (one's own striving to learn how to cultivate their own creative side either by taking time to practice, be inspired by others or a combination of both). But anyway - in addition to Personal Creativity the second essential aspect of DeviantArt is A degree of community interaction and support of others. These two things play such a huge part here and of course exist as a reflection of our real life desires to be heard and regarded as important. They both share the commonality that they have something to offer everyone here and are what continue to make this place diverse, interactive and everything a thriving community should be.

However, the difference that separates these values in Deviantart from real life lies in the fact that both of these offerings play almost little to no practical role in the real world. The only 'things' we have to offer in the real world are our functionality and for the most part superficial services..

We ask: "Do you want Paper or Plastic?" or "Did you finish that budget report?" and not "How did you achieve this literary result?" or "How'd you manipulate that in  photoshop?" etc. We are generally not 'rewarded' for our thoughts, curiosity, compassion or creative insight (unless we are a full time artist in our day jobs, which as we all know is incredibly hard to survive at, let alone be successful) in any sense that is helpful to us in the real world, but merely politely smiled and nodded at (if even that!). When time is given to creative insight or personal interpretation outside of here, it ranks very low on the totem pole of anything important (again, aside from full-time artists which most of us can not claim to truly be). To summarize, if you want to survive here</i> - you  must adhere to at least one of these two principles. In real life it is the exact opposite - you would simply starve and be out on the streets if these were your priorities (a sad truth really, however obvious it may seem. We are capable of so many great things and merely push them aside in the name of survival which technologically speaking - should have been able to help us take care of these very basic things for us, so as to focus on our dynamic human spirit!@#).

So this brings me back to why I am so encouraged by what I see and have seen here. In looking at all DeviantArt..taking a few steps back and critiquing it as a whole: we have a pretty damn cool thing going here. Something to be cherished and  respected really! If only because it allows us to live in a different reality of sorts where we are able to focus and give importance to two aspects generally lacking, if not missing altogether from the real world. We are in a world of our OWN here that places real emphasis on the true virtues of what it means to be human..

Of course, nothing good stays that way forever. And while change is a necessary prerequisite for growth of any kind..I believe with the introduction of  the planned 'groups' system, it will merely serve to further the notion of popularity and ultimately just separate individuals - instead of furthering the art. Granted, if you want someone to produce and grow in their art form of course you have to surround them with people to connect with, learn from, be inspired by, etc.. but that's already exactly what this entire place is! In looking at our human history and the idea of forming these specialized, sub-genre groups of people and then putting labels on it ultimately helps no one. For example, a group of generally spiritual people practicing mediation is an amazingly cool thing. It's a group of people together on like terms - much the same that a bunch of artists and creative minds here serve as. Mixing. Meshing. New perspectives! But in having more specialized groups on top of an essential primary commonality that brought them together..well it's fault is best proven by referring back to mediation and faith. When you start calling it by different names - Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. it just serves as a divider and results in forms of classism. Things that will eventually be built up, and have to be later torn down. I really see it as sacrificing the potential for one to learn from everyone here, and confining people to certain areas.

There are also changes happening of the more financial nature (adcast). Yet again - another possibly harmful element being introduced. There is now potential for people to BUY themselves these formerly pure</i> benefits of interacting here. Of course paying to be a member, and having the premium prints service are completely acceptable. I only start to worry in the case of buying yourself attention. It could be said that the great thing that we have here might indeed be turning too "corporate". When anyone hears such a statement there is usually an assumption of paranoia and liberal  propaganda. But I have done you the favor of actually explaining why I believe it applies to all of us here in regards to it taking away a bit of what would previously had to be our own SELVES (and not the  moneys we have acquired) garnering a response, a respect and a louder voice in the community. It is to take steps towards NOT being noticed and heard by the value of your word or images, but by the size of your financial resources. And I can only help but feel some caution about it. To make a comparison by quoting Mr. King, " be judged by the content of your character and not by the color of your skin [or fatness of thy wallet].." Some may not see using resources that you have acquired outside of DeviantArt towards more exposure as a negative thing, but if you truly look at that process - it is simply better for all of us that notice to one's self is better achieved by valued input, not this artificial thing we use to trade for services.

But anyway..that is just a brief thought to be aware of as far as where we are headed in the future. My real intent here is  to simply give my own little tribute and much deserved respect (in the form of a journal entry :P ) to the creators of this place, the people who help run it, and of course every other single person just like YOU who makes it what it is. I am so thankful for all the insanely cool people whom i've met here. Some a few miles away, others thousands. Anyway..think about this for a few. I implore you! Pretty fucking cool thing we have going here..

:thumbsup: :peace:
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In an attempt to give exposure to some really creative and inspiring images from photographers even beyond the community here at Deviantart, I feel the content on the following two sites are nothing short of amazing:

[ ]
All I could tell is it's the work of a guy named Boogie who lives in NY. His street photography is REAL, all the way down to the bone. I just got such a sense of what it's like to live there, and I've never even been to New York or any of those places. I've always had a curiousity for drug cinema and that culture, so I really enjoyed the "dope" and "crack" sections (be sure to read the descriptions below each image as well, they are easy to overlook but it's worth it I promise you! so damn interesting! a reality check of sorts for your own life!)..but truly - all sections are worth it.

[ ]
I really enjoyed this man's work under Portfolio >> Black & White. I don't think I can say I have ever seen such amazing images taken from under water. Can't imagine how hard it would be to work like that!  (or, it could be insanely freeing..ability to move 360° to compose things?? who knows. ;) Either way though, I was awe'd by what I saw in that section..

[ ]
My site, of course! Hah, no I kid. Please spend your time visiting the previous two or any other worthy pursuit prior to wasting time at mine :P It should only be used as a last resort towards combating boredom..

Anyway, gotta be off again for a bit. I may submit something that I have in mind to go out and do this week of a building downtown in Austin here. Enjoy yourselves my friends, doing whatever it is you do ;) We just don't have alot of time here!! heh. And I think a common flaw that we MUST ask ourselves (stolen from a really great segment in Waking Life) is this:

" ..Which is the most universal human characteristic, fear or laziness? "

:peace: & :heart:
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I was contacted recently by a certain urban Italian magazine (will name it later if this goes through) about having a feature and publishing my work in it! ..very exciting times! :)

I will get around to responding to all your luvely comments in the next few days and seeing what you have been up to..but after a few more weeks it's off the net for a while again. Got things to do people!! heh..

Also, was introduced to a book called "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn from a really hip lady here at devart ( LeslieE - thank's Les! ;) )..I know as far as remembering what people you don't really even know over the internet say in random journals you come across goes - well you probably won't remember it. But in the least, please just keep the name of it in the back of your head and maybe it will fall into your life at some point. Essential reading to say the least..

:peace: out!
  • Reading: Providence by Daniel Quinn
"Don't you know what it means to be crazy?

"I'm going to tell you a story," said Zedka. "A powerful wizard, who wanted to destroy an entire kingdom, placed a magic potion in the well from which all the inhabitants drank. Whoever drank that water would go mad.
"The following morning, the whole population drank from the well and they all went mad, apart from the king and his family, who had a well set aside for them alone, which the magician had not managed to poison. The king was worried and tried to control the population by issuing a series of edicts governing security and public health. The policemen and the inspectors, however, had also drunk the poisoned water, and they thought the king's decisions were absurd and resolved to take no notice of them.
"When the inhabitants of the kingdom heard these decrees, they became convinced that the king had gone mad and was now giving nonsensical orders. They marched on the castle and called for his abdication.
"In despair the king prepared to step down from the throne, but the queen stopped him, saying: 'Let us go and rink from the communal well. Then we will be the same as them.'

"And that was what they did: The king and the queen drank the water of madness and immediately began talking nonsense. Their subjects repented at once; now the king was displaying such wisdom, why not allow him to continue ruling the country?

"The country continued to live in peace, although its inhabitants behaved very differently from those of its neighbors. And the king was able to govern until the end of his days."

   Veronika laughed.


I think you can draw two conclusions of the previous excerpt from Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho ( if you read it :P ).

One, while I believe our current societal structure is very much like that, in some ways it is also the complete opposite. As long as all of us in our established countries have our ends more then met, our fancy cell phone covers, sleek expensive cars, trendy clothing and generally excessive materialistic desires satisfied - we tend not to give any concern about what else may be going on with others and are therefore, complacent.

In fact, we can have an insane man elected into office, 'twice', and half of us will not only continue to remain complacent, but even support the insanity and fight to ensure that it continues based on what we are told to believe. But the point is that the only real change comes about from passion, when people are moved enough and feel they are forced into situations with very few other options.

It is frustrating for me to be able to imagine so much better of a state that this world could be in (a place where everyone values peace at all costs, complete freedom for creative expression, a de-emphasis on personal profit and material property and re-emphasis placed on other human beings and our collective well-being, an ultimate respect for nature and other people and animals, a universal system of interaction with everyone else on this planet like free travel, ultimate self expression where people are not ashamed or discouraged to act as they really feel and to be trusted to act on their inner desires, I could go on all day people!!) and to know and see so very few other people who bother to care that it could be different (they seem perfectly and blindly content consuming precious fossil fuels, conserving nothing, and indulging everything that has no real merit).

To summarize, as long as we believe that we are happy and remain blind to the possibility of greatness and the sufferings of others beyond our own country - we will remain for the most part - inactive. In today's modern world, there would be no revolution if an 'insane' person were ruling it (proven by the fact that it actually happened, and it is allowed to continue).

Secondly, I think it makes an excellent correlation (albeit, it is generalizing and making an assumption about a large amount of people whom I've not all met) about how people in general act. There are so many who have chose to not wander outside their zones of comfort or to bother finding passion in life. I see it every day when I step outside. These people who live the 9-5 office or customer service / sales lifestyle: Who among them can honestly, truly honestly say they love going to an office every day? Who can say that in their later years, they are content to reminisce about how they spent 5 out of every 7 days filling out reports, helping asshole customers buy more things they don't even need and  feigning concern (a smile or a gesture should be sincere ALWAYS, purely out of the feeling to do it..not forced as when you are sold something) for their 'need' to have a more expensive and updated computer, or climbing a superficial ladder primarily for profit and power, and working not for the love of whatever you are doing - but so that you can ensure maximum profits to a company that has no regard for anything but the latter? So you continue to earn more money, to continue to be able to afford more things that you don't need, which ensures profits to those companies that you and others like you work for and they buy your time  back in the form of employment so that the cycle can continue!!@$

My friends, that is crazy.

I know you've heard it so many different ways, from so many different people that it has become redundant and cheesy. But it bears repeating none the less:

Find. Your. Passion.

We all have to do shitty things at certain points in our lives. No one wants to work as a janitor forever (although, some choose to settle with it and that is their choice), but more then likely you will have to do these things. And that's ok. But please, do not allow yourselves to be fooled by advertising, government and politics, religion or ANYONE other then your own mind and inner desires into thinking that you shouldn't be regularly striving towards doing something that makes you feel alive inside for the majority of your short time on this earth. Settle for nothing less my friends.

Well anyway, I'm going to be restricting myself for a while from this internet thing, devart, etc. for at least a month or two. I need to get back to doing some things I haven't done in a while and seeing some people who I've missed seeing..

Stay good</i>, you crazy cool people! :hug: Not sure how much I will be letting myself check email, but you can always send stuff to and I will eventually get it ;)

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I'm going to go ahead and throw out a few videos to you guys, just because I feel they have merit (and even if you don't agree with it, I'm happy to be exposing you to something that isn't shown on TV or in the daily media):

Why I Love Shoplifting From Big Corporations - a short film, which, while in no way practical, had me agreeing with nearly everything they were trying to say..

Join The Resistance - Fall In Love - this one is a bit longer, and a bit heavy-handed towards the end..but again the great message is still there!

Utah Police Bust A Legal Rave - this is really, really messed up. from what it seems everything was legal permit wise..these people were just trying to have a good time, feel some good music n vibes, express themselves by dancing and hang with friends..

More info for the first two at:

Sorry to go and get all political on you ( :P I know devart is a probably a refuge from all this shit, like it is for me - a place to come and not have to worry about it..but I am of the opinion that this stuff is too important not to spread :nod: )

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So I'm trying my hand at all this swanky prints stuff. Big huge thanks again to LeslieE for scoring me the DA Print account!

I'm wondering if anyone is actually interested to buy one? Or if the prices are too high? (I set it lower then the DA default, and much lower and I won't be making much a profit at all heh) Do you already have a prints account and have some advice about selling?

Anyway feel free to answer honestly if you get a chance! Just want some feedback. I won't bite your ass off no matter what you say, I promise. ;) Even if you tell me you wouldn't take my prints if they were offered to you for free, heh'

:peace: out! :D


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Update: I really want  to thank LeslieE for buying me a prints account + 3 month membership! Much, much :heart: to her! :nod: (although, you may end up hating it for having to look at all my crappy stuff again when I go to update it for a print heh)

I cannot begin to express to you how creative, unique and just visually cool I thought this was: Balance

So go check it out if you get a chance, and spare me from having to sound like an idiot trying to describe it :P (warning, it's kind of a big download for you non-broadbanders)

Anyway, been feeling pretty OK lately. It's funny how we all take the regular things in Life so seriously.. they are never really as big of a deal as they seem, y'know? :)

Stay happy ya honkies' :lmao:

*whistles with hands in pockets and struts away*

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I'm usually not that quick to jump on bandwagons like this (as doing such usually does nothing more then add to the whole drama of a situation which I loathe), but it seems that Jark leaving as an admin truly happened against his will..which is far from being right for someone who made all of it happen in the first place. If something like that can happen here, what next?

Count my small voice as yet another one of the many who have spoken up, in hopes of being heard..

jark - Go show him your love and keep up to date on his journals!

( Remember, keeping yourself informed, above all else, is the single most powerful thing you can do (not only here but politics, life, etc. :) )


..I can easily say this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen or heard of happening here at deviantart. Period.

update on steven

ps, Seattle people are just cool like that ;)


I guess what I am trying to ask.. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What about this silly stupid little world we live in is worth being here for? (something you would see no point in being here if it didn't exist..can be real things or concepts but please be more specific then "love" :roll: )

Yes, this question has been asked before..but that doesn't make it any less relevant or important in todays world of artificial happiness, instant gratifications & consumerism..

Any & all thoughts welcome.. ;)


I have had a bunch of extra bandwidth on my site (since no one visits it lol), so I figured I would upload a recent mix I made:

[ Falling Up & Out ] 56.1 MB, 61:20 long

If anyone is into Electronica, Techno, Progressive House, etc..then I think you will dig it! Some of the transitions suck because i'm still new to beat-matching, mixing and all that good stuff - but the tracks are all really great! Anyway check it out, but my feelings won't be hurt if you don't :P

( ps, music is crazy powerful :crazy: )


I'm sorry I have been a shitty deviant the past few months now..not replying much, nor commenting on any of your work out there ;(

I've been enjoying myself taking pictures and sharing them, but that really is only half of what this place is about to me.

I wish money wasn't such a huge thing to worry about..can someone borrow me some time? :rage:

ps, Please still go check out some of flaery's work. She is a killer poet with multiple levels of depth to her words..and she has supported me w/comments on my work here ever since I can remember!!!@%


[ ]

Please take a few to check it out, and let me know any comments, suggestions or thoughts you may have! Thanks my friends! :)

ps, Also, go check out some of flaery's work. She is a killer poet with multiple levels of depth to her words..and she has supported me w/comments on my work here ever since I can remember!!!@

How is everyone out there in devland???

I guess I could go rummage through your recent journals and check up on ya' (which I will do in good time)..but for now I will have to fall back on the ole' cop out: There is just no time in my current daily life to do so. :no:

Yes..been busy.

What have you been up to? Anything interesting? :)