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Foreign Tales - On Stage by er0k Foreign Tales - On Stage by er0k
A pic from Japan, below the train station where everyone was starring at the crazy white guy taking pic's of everyone :P

Edit, 10.18.04 : Sorry to have anyone who's watching me have to re-look at this old crap, but I am having to go back and redo these anyway for other purposes, thought I might as update it here.. :)
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ThaDoc Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2004  Student
super nuts, this is just too pleasin to a perspective addict, I really like how these circular rings start to appear along the middle part of the elevator and the ceiling. Greens a good colour to go with, probably one of your best moves was the border, it compliments the photo so much, giving the photo real focus.

I got lyrics from a underground rappers verse that just fits too fucking well with this shot:

Immortal Technique
"Check to check, constant struggle to make the payments
Working your whole life wondering where the day went
The subway stays packed like a multi-cultural slave ship
It's rush hour, 2:30 to 8, non stoppin'
And people coming home after corporate share croppin"
er0k Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2004
right on! yea,, that verse by immortal technique suits this perfectly..thanks for that bud!

(i was just imagining someone spitting out those words for the image, and what it was like on the ele starring at the people..)
ThaDoc Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2004  Student
yeah it's quite an outlook photo, kind of someones interpritation, just like the lyrics
londonxpress Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004
I hadn't noticed this one before, so it's nice to see you dig up old submissions and re-work them - otherwise I probably wouldn't have seen this at all :)

What I enjoyt the most are the faces - there is a good cross section of emotions and attitudes here. Ahh - the rush to and from work :)
iagen Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2004
Y'know, I almost didn't realise this was a set of escalators, and probably WOULDN'T have if it weren't for the other one you can see on the left going up.

Mad. :headbang:
xXbleedingXredsoulXx Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
awesome shot I love it ! :clap:
toots Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2003
O WOW!!! YOU'VE BEEN TO JAPAAAAAAN!!!!??? hehe I wanna go there so badly! Amazing shot!!!!! :D!! have you been to New Zealand? I am DIEING to go there! I will someday I know it! hehe!
polygonz Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2003   Digital Artist
really nice shot !! i also like to take picture in those stairs, everyone feel weird!!
flaery Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this angle! It is soo cool! I know what you mean about weird looks for taking pictures of random things--I've had that happen. The people in the picture look very interesting--in motion, and yet paused.
mistake Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2003
i like the way the diagonal is the center piece and how the shadow falls on that..the expressions of the people are very interesting as if they're looking upon something.
landplage Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2003
hey, nice pic. i like the diagonal crossing almost the whole pic.
and the effect of escalator with people going up turning their backs at you and people going down staring in your face :) (Smile)
...but maybe there could have been more emphasis on the colors
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July 8, 2003
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